TITLE – “superpower”

Size of canvas – 12*7.5 inches

PRICE – 10million US$

DIAMOND – 10 pieces of certified natural diamonds weighing 5 carats totaling to 50 carats

this art is a unique edition….it’s a 3 piece art plus sculpture , the 1st piece is this sanitary pad , the 2nd piece is my signature style one stroke canvas painting & the 3rd piece are the certified natural diamonds that stand as the soul of my art .…I have more than 1000 unique editioned art pieces for which you can contact me ……for smile bringing discounts, flexible payment installments, art details , taxes & duties , shipping etc. contact me…..

note – the price & availability of this art may change with time & other market conditions & the one stroke image attached in the post is for reference only, the painting related to the above title will be commissioned at the time of the deal…..all sales are final no refunds

ali chiniwar