AYYN® – the world’s most expensive handbag……….in 2016 one of my best friend who belongs to one of the oldest secret elite families in Europe contacted me……the sad reason….a tragedy had struck her as she had lost her dear father…..she was in deep grief as now she was orphaned, she had already lost her mother at a young age…..breathing his last on the bed her father had passed on to her a ruby that belonged to her late mother so that she could hold onto it as a memory of her parents…….now this ruby was no ordinary one , it was a living legend , a 200 year old Burmese ruby weighing 51.83 carats in mix cut having a beautiful pigeon blood color…..the Swiss valuators of my friend marked it as the worlds biggest natural ruby valuing more than 50 million US$……she wanted me to design a piece of art using that ruby so that her parents memory could become immortal and later it can be passed down so that her future generations remember the legacy of her parents…..so I asked her for the leather coats of her parents and with a fine leathersmith I designed a handbag of it with the ruby mounted on 18K gold at it’s top centre…….. this is how the world’s most expensive handbag was born as an artistic masterpiece …

to become a part of this legacy…..

Colors , Shapes , Styles & Sizes – as commissioned by client 

Price per piece– 30000 US$ (1.0 CT certified diamond)

For any color other than Black – 110000 US$ (3pcs of 1.0 CT certified diamonds totaling to 3.0 CT)

for smile bringing discounts, flexible payment installments, handbag details , taxes & duties , shipping etc contact me…..

note the price & availability of this masterpiece may change with time & other market conditions

all handbags are made in double layered pure leather with chrome hardware requiring a period of  2-3 months for completion as all materials are procured from around the world…..every handbag comes with a handwritten certificate of authenticity

ali chiniwar