The One rules at everywhere, on every time & on everything.

One earth sustains life in the whole universe. One sperm & One egg unite to form a species. One seed gives birth to a tree. One tree gives birth to a forest. One thought can make or destroy a human. One human can make or destroy a whole civilization. One nucleus is the heart/centre of One atom around which all the electrons circumambulate. One heart & One brain sustain & control the whole body. All planets, stars, natural satellites & galaxies revolve, rotate or travel in One direction. The seeker will find such infinite examples within & outside themselves where the One rules at everywhere, on every time & on everything.

Hence One stroke contains a whole art in it. One emotion or One subject can carry many events, meanings and perceptions to it.

One solar cycle when it completes, the earth changes on 7 dimensions namely physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, occupational & environmental. It took me one solar cycle that is 11 years to unveil my art to the world by reaching a point of realization on these 7 dimensions at the same time patiently mastering one brush stroke of water on canvas several times each day.

A natural diamond is unique in its time, space and matter so as a metaphor it stands as the “soul” of the subject of my art.

ali chiniwar